style ideas: Cinna-bun accomplished!

So this past weekend I had a Hollywood glamour themed event to attend and so I decided to style my hair into a cinna-bun (style tutorial here)

The original inspiration is below:

Given that my hair is shorter it wasn’t as fabulous as the one in the pic but I got close enough. I had to stretch my hair first as well as I could. I cornrowed it the previous night but made the mistake of not detangling and moisturizing it then so in the morning it was too tangled and stiff. I ended up having to moisturize it and detangle it during the day before styling and that wasn’t fun at all! I have learnt that with natural hair, styling has to be planned well in advance!

Next time I will stretch the hair by doing medium sized french braids two days before, and medium sized twists the day before. That way my hair wont have a chance to shrink. I will also not wash my hair for up to 2 days before styling because water will shrink it. If my hair was longer all this would be unnecessary *long sigh*

I used a little gel on my edges to stop them from frizzing up. The style would have lasted 3 days if I had maintained it well. I put a silk scarf on when going to bed. When I woke up on day 2 the shapes were still maintained however the ‘bubbles’ needed a little puffing up.

I would use this style for specific occasions because it requires some preparation on my part which can’t be done the night before (unless you have long hair). It can also serve as a good professional style and a protective style as your ends are safely tucked away.

So below are pictures of the finished product 🙂

View from the top, its the best I could do 🙂

And that’s it! 🙂


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