My weekly hair routine in detail

A month or so after I first went natural. I used to complain about how short it was! 🙂

I realised I haven’t actually detailed what I do every week with my hair for you guys, so here is my routine.

As my hair grows I adjust my routine to suit the length, what worked at 1 inch will not work the same way at 6 inches. So I am constantly learning from my cotton top.

I don’t claim to be a guru on the matter of natural hair, I’m learning from blogs as are most of you. What I’ve read has helped me develop my routine over the past year. My routine helps make my hair manageable and fairly soft. I sometimes feel the urge to preach to everyone I meet who complains about how tough and wiry their hair is because it doesn’t have to be that way! The kink can easily be tamed with the right routine.

1. Shampoo: once a week

I shampoo my hair about twice or 3 times depending on how dirty it is (currently using Tresemme Naturals shampoo and conditioner). Rinse with warm water and gently dry with a towel.

2. Deep condition: once a week

After shampooing, I apply a generous helping of conditioner making sure to cover as much hair as possible, then put on a shower cap. I leave the conditioner on for 2 hours minimum, then I rinse with cold water (It reduces frizz and closes the hair cuticles which I’m told is a good thing 🙂 )

3. Moisturize and seal: Once a week

After Im done conditioning I pat dry my hair, making sure to leave it damp. I go through my hair section by section,  applying a little moisturizing hair cream (currently using ORS Carrot oil hair cream) through the hair then gently detangling it by combing through with a wide tooth comb or an afro comb. After detangling I dip my finger tips into some pure coconut oil and rub my ends with it to seal. After this I do a two strand twist or a french plait then move on to the next section till I complete my whole head.

Note: This is the ONLY time I comb my hair. For the rest of the week I use my fingers to “comb”.

4. Mid week moisturizing: 2 or more times a week

If I am re-twisting my hair, styling my hair or if my hair feels a bit dry during the week, I usually moisturize with my home made spray or my JO’M sprays.I like the sprays because they aren’t heavy on my hair so they won’t leave it feeling greasy and if necessary they can be used every day.

5. Moisturizing my edges: whenever I remember (though its supposed to be everyday!)

Our edges dry out a lot because they often come in contact with water when we wash our faces so I try to moisturize my edges often but not heavily. I currently use JO’M cinnamon and jojoba moisturizer which is not greasy and gets absorbed quickly. It doesn’t really matter what you use but make sure you use a small tiny amount.

6. Styling: A twist out

I always do a twist out, it is my staple. Those who work (I’m a student) may have to opt for more formal styles (a simple head scarf or high pony tail etc) but I have freedom style wise currently. I live in twist outs. If they get boring I try something new but not that often. I re-twist as often as I see fit and I tend to do fat chunky less defined twists when I do them during the week. If I want to stretch my hair I re-twist without moisturizing or with very little moisture to prevent shrinking.

7. Randoms

If I go swimming I do a co-wash. Steps outlined here.

If my hair is braided I wash less often, maybe once every 2 weeks. Steps outlined here.

I don’t braid often because of my weak edges. I try do braided styles without extensions and those I tend to keep for a week.

I always sleep with a satin scarf on…however I am guilty of forgetting on nights I arrive home in the am 🙂

My hair just over a year later! 🙂

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