Style Ideas: Bantu Knot out using JO’M olive oil conditioning spray

Yesterday I felt adventurous and decided to try a bantu knot out. A lot of Africans should be familiar with the bantu knot, I remember seeing it often in the 90s on South African musicians such as lead singer of Abashante Sesako and Bongo Maffin’s Thandiswa Mazwai. However maybe like me, you probably didn’t know it was called a Bantu knot. Online some refer to them as Zulu knots.

My hair in Bantu knots

Look familiar?

If you don’t know how to do them I suggest you watch the video below. The girl in it has long hair which helps you to clearly see what she’s doing.

I pretty much followed her lead. I took sections of my hair, sprayed it with some JO’M braids and dreadlock olive and lavender oil conditioner spray (phew! quite a mouthful!) before gently detangling it.

Then I did a two strand twist as tightly as possible and wrapped the twist around and under itself. It makes more sense if you watch the video. My hair is finally long enough to hold itself within a bantu knot ūüôā (I tried them some years back and had to hold the knots down with some pins).

I then covered my hair with a silk scarf and kept them overnight. In the morning I unraveled the knots and they make quite a fun curl pattern.

Unraveled knots
Unraveled knots upclose

Unfortunately because my hair is not long and leaving it as shown above looks odd I teased the curls loose with my fingers and ended up with some kind of curly fro.

Teased curls

However if my hair was say shoulder length I would be able to leave the curls in and it would look something like this:

Bantu knot out-Image via

Alternatively you can leave the knots in as a style or pair it with flat twists as shown below:

Bantu knots and flat twists- Image via

The JO’M braids and dreadlock olive and lavender oil conditioner spray¬†made my hair VERY soft and left me with no grease overload. I shall be incorporating it into my pre-styling routine a lot more rather than post-styling. I’m sure it’ll work wonders for a defined twist out or braid out. If you do not have the JO’M braids and dreadlock olive and lavender oil conditioner spray¬†use any moisturizing spray that your have but remember to use a little per section not too much, you don’t want your hair feeling extra greasy in the morning.


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