Style ideas

After going natural I had to rethink my whole approach to styling my hair because kinky hair does not take easily to straight hair styles. I also often get asked how to style natural hair by newbies. I still struggle with ideas at times because styling heavily depends on the length of your hair so every few months (till you get to shoulder length hair or so that can accommodate many styles) you have to relearn how to style it again.

When I had extremely short hair (about an inch and half ) I stuck to wash and go’s,tiny twist outs, braids and hair scarves. As my hair has grown I have began to have more options styling wise. So I shall put up a few pictures of some styles I have tried and maybe I shall inspire a few people.

I try to do styles that can last for a few days or that can easily morph into other similar styles. Therefore resulting in minimum hair manipulation.

1. The continuous cornrow

The picture below taken from Black Hair Chronicles was my inspiration. Due to the fact that her hair is longer and thicker my hair won’t look identical but I was pleased nonetheless. It’s quite a classy style and can last for a week depending on how well you look after it. A head scarf on when sleeping should keep it from getting frizzy and it’s also a great way of stretching your hair. Simply part your hair into two but not all the way to the front. Then starting on one side cornrow the hair up from the back of your neck, across the front then down again on the other side. You will only have one end to tuck in. Alternatively you can cornrow in 3 parts tucking in the ends as you go along.

Continuous cornrow

2. The fold and tuck

I am yet to try this style, my hair has to be quite stretched for it but those of you with hair that reaches the base of your neck will be able to pull this one off easily. The tutorial is below. Basically you section the hair and roll it then pin it down.

Another variation of this is the cinnabun. It’s more ideal if you don’t have time.You tie up your hair into a high ponytail then section it, roll and pin.

Tutorial video is below.

3. The 80’s pin up flat twist

This style was inspired by Angelique Noir, picture below.

Unfortunately my hair isn’t as long and thick as hers so it looked VERY different on my hair however I love the style and I received many compliments when I did it. The video tutorial is below followed by the pictures of my hair. You part the hair into 3 sections: a front part for the bang and the rest of the hair into two sections/lines going up from the nape of your neck. You roll and tuck the front part to form a bang then you twist up the two back sections from the back to the front and tuck them into your bang. Super easy.

This style is easy to transition to from the continuous cornrow.

4. Twist out with a bang

This is great for adding some life to your twist out. I’m a twist out addict so I do this one quite often.Simply roll and tuck a front section of your hair, pin back the sides that are not in the bang and that’s it!

5. High pony tail.

For those days when you don’t have the time or the patience, a high ponytail is great. Works with all lengths. Just make sure to not make it too tight! Start by loosely tying the scarf at your hairline then slowly move it up, tightening it as you go along till it gets as high as possible without strands of your hair coming loose. You can smooth down the edges with hair gel if you wish (make sure its alcohol free!).

And that’s it for now! 🙂

If you have any style ideas please do share!

p.s Please forgive the terrible quality of my photos, my lil smart phone can only do so much.


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