My first co-wash :)

What is co-washing? Cowashing is washing your hair with conditioner in the same way you would using shampoo. Its great for quick midweek washes when you don’t have time and for people with TWA’s (teenie weenie afro’s) who tend to wash their hair quite often.

  • You wet the hair first then apply some conditioner to your hair making sure to apply thoroughly then rub your scalp as you would when shampooing.
  • Rinse
  • Thoroughly apply some more conditioner again
  • Leave it in your hair for 15 minutes or more
  • Rinse
  • Moisturize and detangle as normal (You can also detangle while your hair is soaked in conditioner, it’s up to you really, I prefer to do it after moisturizing.

I usually don’t cowash because one shampoo and conditioning session a week is enough for me, any more than that and my hair would become too much of a burden. However I went swimming recently and I needed to get rid of the chlorine without having to do the whole tedious washing routine. I had also just washed my hair a few days before swimming and felt it was too soon to do it all over again; so I opted for a cowash.

I did it during my evening shower and used my Tresemme Naturals conditioner. I had my hair in twists and I didnt bother taking them down which make the process much easier. After cowashing I applied my ORS Olive oil cream on the twists followed by coconut oil and let my hair air dry a little. After a while I threw a silk scarf on and went to sleep. Easy and quick.

Ideally I should have undid the twists and then moisturized and detangled but given my laziness I chose not to. When I undid the twists the following day I had created a extremely coiled twist out which I’m in love with at the moment.

My extra curly twist out
the curl definition up close 🙂

But, I digress….

Benefits of cowashing include

    • Keeps your hair moisturized
    • Keeps your scalp clean
    • You can clean my hair all week without drying out your hair (Shampoo can dry out hair)
    • Helps you retain my growth by keeping hair moisturized
    • Great for people who like doing the ‘wash and go‘ hair style often

I don’t think cowashing is something I will do quite often, only when needed. Have you added cowashing to you regimen? And what are the results so far?



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