A little trim

I hadn’t trimmed my hair since my big chop and decided it was time. I am quite adverse to trimming or cutting and only do both when I am forced to. However if I intend to follow the rules this time around to grow healthy hair I must conform. Trims are necessary to get rid of ends that are damaged, breaking and stunting your hair growth. So I will aim to trim twice a year or as the split ends compel me to do so.

So I asked my lovely cousin to straighten my hair with a flat iron then trim it for me. First I washed my hair as is routine; shampoo and deep condition. Then while it was still quite damp I roughly applied my olive oil moisturizer and some coconut oil, finishing off with a generous helping of Tresemme Heat protectant spray (the travel size bottle that I bought from Clicks pharmacy for about 25 pula). My cousin then used a flat iron alone to straighten it. I don’t like blow dryers and combing…hurts too much and it pains me to see my hair breaking and falling around me.

Now according to Black girl with long hair, the proper way is to do what I did but then wait for the hair to be 80% dry before starting to straighten. That is the one mistake I made; I didn’t wait till it was 80% dry. However I figure with heat you will get some kind of damage regardless, it’s just a question of the intensity of the damage. However there are some tips that will reduce the damage caused outlined on the site (follow the link above).

mid straightening. Look at the difference in length,lol, tickles me 😀 what a joke!

After a heart aching straightening session (I despise heat on my hair), my hair was trimmed and this is the end result:

This was taken hours after straightening so humidity had thickened up my roots again

The length hasn’t changed much after the trim as you can see below. My front hair stops a few cms away from the tip of my nose  and my back hair almost reaches the base of my neck.

I am now at the length my hair was before I did my big chop in October 2010 so I’m pretty pleased. I was shocked to see how long it had gotten after straightening. Since it’s always in its kinky state I don’t really get to see progress.

Some of the kink has returned at the root however my ends are still straightish. I’m anxious to have my kink back! I don’t know what to do with my hair in this state. I did a twist out today but it looks quite awkward. I await my weekly wash and condition with much anticipation! 🙂

Next mission is to put it in to a protective style. I’m trying to find an alternative to braids because my hair is too weak for them.


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