Quick post: Henna dye job no. 2

I did my second henna application yesterday and it went quite well. Read about my first henna experience here.

It took me about 12 hours this time around dude to the fact that I had to attend classes and run some errands so when I say 12 hours it doesn’t mean I sat down for 12 hours while the henna did its thing.

I bought the same henna I used last time (pic below) and I mixed it with a little water and pure lemon juice and left it over night.

I applied the henna mixture to dry hair with my hands section by section (make sure you have latex gloves on and a towel you don’t mind getting stained around your shoulders). The henna made a complete mess as before but I expected it to so I had a mop nearby and wore a top that I didn’t mind getting stained either. Pics below:

Hair color before 1
Hair color before 2
Hair color before 1

Majority of my hair color is on the tips of my strands because initially I used to use Dark and Lovely peroxide dyes on my hair but since I stopped the roots have grown out. The henna basically reinforces this color. It doesn’t affect my roots much because it’s hard for the color to show on very dark hair. But I’m hoping with continued use eventually my roots will catch on. If my red tinge completely disappears though I will consider getting my hair professionally colored at a salon and then reinforcing that with the henna.

I applied the muddy goo all over my hair as best as I could, concentrating on the roots and tips.

Henna 1
Henna 2

I left it on for a the afternoon while I attended to a few things. I wrapped my head with cling film first, then put on a shower cap. I cleaned the edges of my head, ears etc. Then I wrapped a scarf around it to hide it. Just before my evening classes I thoroughly rinsed it out, applied a generous helping of Tresemme Naturals conditioner, put on a shower cap and wrapped my head scarf on again. I rinsed it 4/5 hours later (I cooked first when I returned from class) and the results are below:

After 1
After 2
After 3

The red is darker now and I love it. My next henna application will probably be in a 4-6 weeks or so just before I braid it. My hair felt a little thicker when I was twisting it after conditioning and I hope that thickness lasts! Hair mission one completed, next is the trimming.

And that’s it! 🙂




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