Journey to long healthy hair: Status check

So my long Brandy braids lasted about a month 🙂 I got bored and started craving my hair so this past wknd I decided it was time to let them go, plus they were looking a little “tired”,lol.

So I just thought I should share my process and do an overall assessment of my hair to see what areas I need to focus in and plan the next few months of my hair journey.

I un-braided the hair over the course of the day and by the time I was finished I was too tired and lazy to wash it that same day so I let it sit over night. First thing the next morning I began by detangling it-gently of course! The tangles were more than usual and there were a couple of clumped knots which I had to cut off. When I had my braids this time around I took better care of them following my braids hair care regime and I noticed my hair wasn’t as greasy as it normally is when removing braids, tangling was much less and it was softer and cleaner. I will definitely do it again when I next have braids. My hair shed quite a bit when detangling but I had to remind myself that since it had been in braids for a couple of weeks it was bound to shed quite a lot.

My hair before detangling
Hair shed during detangling
Post detangling 1
Post detangling 2

As you can see from the picture above I have very thin edges which is due to years of badly maintained braids. I have now started paying more attention to my edges, daily moisturizing them with JO’M cinnamon and jojoba oil moisturizer. According to numerous articles online, cinnamon is known for reducing balding and stimulating hair growth while jojoba oil is known for reducing hair loss, the thinning of hair and for promoting growth. My father actually uses an African product that contains jojoba oil and his balding has drastically reduced. My sister also began using the product and her edges have improved. So I am employing the JO’M moisturizer and some patience to combat my edge problem.

I also did a length check before detangling shown in the pictures below.

Length check 1
Length check 2

As you can see my ends are tapering off quite a bit so I’m definitely due for a trim. In a week or so I will buy heat protectant, use heat to straighten my hair and get it trimmed and do a second length check. It will of course be shorter but I want to start my health and hair growing mission with well groomed hair 🙂

After shampooing thoroughly with Tresemme Naturals shampoo, I deep conditioned with the Tresemme naturals conditioner for almost 12 hours due to circumstance (I had a guest and had to hit the stores at some point) however I was only planning to deep condition for a couple of hours at most. Later in the evening I rinsed my hair then pat dried with a towel and while damp I rougly applied a mix of ORS Olive oil moisturizer and coconut oil.

Olive oil moisturizer and coconut oil

I then made a mix of ORS Olive oil hair cream and JO’M cinnamon and jojoba oil moisturizer and used it to twist and seal my hair.

ORS Olive oil hair cream and JO'M cinnamon and jojoba oil hair moisturizer

I always twist and seal after washing my hair and I do it once a week currently. I separate the hair into small sections, rub a generous amount of the cream and moiturizer mix through it making sure to saturate the ends then I detangle again and twist. Detangling is much easier AFTER you have rubbed whatever product you’re using through your hair. My hair shed again but significantly less than the first time.

Hair shedding after second round of detangling

Normally this is the only time I detangle but given that my hair was more tangled than usual because of the braids I decided to do it twice. I figured washing it in its tangled stated would have caused me some heart ache when detangling afterward.

Below are pictures of my twists.

Twists from the front
Twists from the side
Twists up close

I cover let them air dry and covered them with a satin scarf over night. Below is my twist out in the morning.

Twist out 1


Twist out 2


Twist out 3

So my hair plan for the next few weeks is as follows (to be done in the given order):

  1. Henna dye my hair: This will be my second henna application, the first was a success so I resolved to do it regularly to intensify the hair color.
  2. Buy heat protectant, get my hair heat straightened and trimmed: I don’t like heat at all but I figured it was best to straighten it before trimming as its hard to see the ends when it’s in a curly state.I pretty much never use heat on my hair so I figure once a year won’t do much damage.
  3. Keep up with daily moisturizing of edges: As stated in my post earlier I am taking measures to heal my dying edges.
  4. Put hair into another protective style: Through the recommendation of a fellow natural I’m considering crochet braids this time around. I don’t take well to weaves so I figure crochet braids are a good compromise, same effect but a different method and it will allow me to use extensions that have the same texture as my hair. I’m quite excited to try them out and will blog about it when I do! 🙂

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Thoko says:

    Wow i love the progress. Your hair looks great and your twist are “fat”. Thanks for the info on Cinamon and jojoba oil. I have a problem with dalding on my nkhongo so i will be using them. Yesterday i was rocking a twistout and one of my Malawian friends said that i look like a crazy woman or rasta girl. She said i needed a relaxer. I felt really offended but as you know we have to be strong if we wanna achieve our hair goals. Well, i just ignored her comments. I get lots and lots of compliments on my hair from total strangers and alot of black women always ask me what i do to get my hair to look healthy. Just thought i could share this. Didnt wanna put it on Facebook coz she could see it

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Glad I helped in some way! 🙂
      Yeah some people have made underhanded comments to me too but just shake it off and keep going because when you’re hair gets longer no one will be able to deny its beauty. When it’s short people don’t understand. Plus they haven’t learnt how to define beauty for themselves. They think beauty only looks one way: relaxed.Focus on the great compliments 🙂

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