Product:JO’M moisturizer and spray

I wasn’t a product junkie when I had straight hair because my hair regime with straight hair didn’t really allow for extensive use of product. I rarely washed it and the most I did was grease/oil it once a week and if I felt fancy I’d drench it with Dark and lovely pink lotion-or any kind of pink lotion really- every other day before styling. Conditioning wasn’t high on my list of priorities either. I’d condition if I had the conditioner but I wouldn’t really go out of my way to do it.

However since I went natural and had to reacquaint myself with my hair I realise I made a lot of mistakes back then most of all in my choice of products and if I would have followed the hair care rules I follow now I probably would have been more successful in growing my tresses. One thing being natural teaches you is how to pay attention to products because unlike straight hair, natural hair responds quicker to products. The initial sign is usually texture. If it becomes crunchy, course etc you know its not working, however if it gets softer and smoother you’re doing something right.

So far I’ve used Organics shea butter shampoo, Organics shea butter conditioner, Organic Root Stimulator (ORS) products such as olive oil hair cream, ORS olive oil hair lotion, Dark and Lovely olive oil hair moisturizer, Indian coconut oil and Unrefined shea butter. Out of all those, the most effective in softening my hair has been shea butter closely followed by coconut oil. After my shea butter supply finished I went on the hunt for new products to replace it. Luckily I’ve come across a natural range of products for natural hair in the local Clicks Pharmacy here in Botswana called JO’M.

JO'M products on the shelf in Clicks Pharmacy

What do I mean by natural? 98% of the ingredients are organic, meaning I could probably make the product myself if I had the time, patience and the raw materials. You would think that such products would be easy to find in Africa but you would be hard pressed to find them here so I was quite pleased when I finally found the JO’M natural hair care range which also happens to be a South African product made by a lady by the name of Johanna Moriti. All her products have shea butter as the base rather than mineral oils which is what most commonly used products such as Blue Magic and Dark and Lovely have as a base. Though the products are geared towards natural hair (locks included),  they would also work wonders for relaxed or treated hair. The products are not overly expensive either! They are in the same price range as well known brands such as ORS or Dark and Lovely. I’m currently using the 125ml cinnamon and jojoba oil moisturiser which costs about 30 Pula (2.61 pounds and 4.06 dollars ) and the 250 bottle of Orange oil softener spray which is about 50 pula (4.35 pounds and 6.76 dollars).

JO'M cinnamon and jojoba oil moisturizer and JO'M orange oil softening hair spray

They work most effectively if used almost everyday so I suspect these two would last me about a month. Currently however I have braids on so I think the spray (which I use every morning on my braids) will be the first to finish. Both products do not leave a greasy residue which I greatly appreciate, no more greasy hands when I get tempted to play with my hair! Your hair will suck up every drop of spray and moisturizer. I use the moisturizer after washing and conditioning my hair; I separate my hair into sections and apply a considerable helping of moisturizer then seal with coconut oil.

JO’M has definitely secured a customer in me. Those of you in Southern Africa show some love to our locally produced natural product! Buy it and check out the JO’M website, Facebook page and follow JO’M on Twitter.


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  1. chio says:

    How much are they?

    1. Ms Z. says:

      I noted the price of the moisturizer and spray in the post. The sprays are all that general price (there’s also a grape seed oil lock spray). The only other product not mentioned is an afro hair softener pack that includes shampoo, moisturizer and conditioner i think and that’s abt 65 pula.

  2. Ms Z. says:

    Reblogged this on Soul Canvas and commented:

    Check out my latest post on Soul Hair! 🙂

  3. rue says:

    hi, this is great, i saw ur article on phro’s blog. i am greatly impressed!!! i’ve only had natural hair for 2 and a half months and sometimes i have to admit i get lazy but when i do make an effort i can see the results! i like your post on Jo’m because i also bought it (ie the spray) and it works well 🙂 will definetly keep on reading.

    thank you!!

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Thanks!!! 🙂 Yeah I’m a big fan of the JO’M sprays especially the dreadlock one! Don’t worry we all start slow, I wasn’t half as bothered about my hair as I am now when I had just started. Take your time and soon it will all be effortless!

  4. TWABABE says:

    DID someone say afro pack with conditioner what does it have in it the conditioner must try itout!!

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