My hair journey so far…

So it’s almost October which means my hair is about to turn 1 year!!! whoop whoop!!!

I did my big chop last year and even though I felt like I made no progress looking at some pictures I took recently and pictures I took last year my hair has grown significantly. The photos below shows my hair just after the chop last year in October.


I braided my hair quite a bit after chopping it, at that short length there wasn’t much else I could do with it. I then became obsessed with colouring it and have dyed it 3 times since and luckily didn’t experience much breakage from it.

By December it was slightly longer. In the pics below it was stretched out.


I dyed my hair maroon in December and I absolutely LOVE my hair when it’s a maroon/dark redddish brown colour, black bores me. Currently the color is growing out but I’m trying to hold out till the end of the year to color it again jus to give it time to breathe and I’m also considering using henna dyes this time around.

The next pics below are from April earlier this year.

hair growth progress-April 2011  

Below is a pic of my hair stretched out in June 2011.

hair growth progress-June 2011

And finally, below are the most recent pics I have of my hair, taken just last month (August).

Hair growth progress- August 2011
Hair growth progress- August 2011

I’m so proud of the texture!! My hair style of choice is a twist/braid out. I got used to doing twists when my hair was short and it’s now become a habit. After I wash and condition, I oil and twist.

What have I learnt in the past year about my hair? It’s dry like ALL THE TIME (I’m still trying to find the magical product that can help it maintain moisture), it’s delicate, it grows quite well (something it didn’t do when I used to relax it) and most of all it’s actually more fun to work with than my straight hair was.

My future goals are to find an effective way of moisturizing it to prevent dryness, to grow it out to at least shoulder length (so that I can jus leave it in twists all the time!! I’m super lazy,lol) and to keep it as healthy as possible.

Loving my hair! 🙂


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