Don’t comb your fro!!!

In the past few weeks I’ve met a couple of girls who have been natural for a while and saw me in my fro for the first time. One girl said to me “oh wow, it looks gorgeous. I have mine in braids currently because I was tired of the pain from combing it”. I told her I rarely comb mine and if I do it’s wet. She seemed surprised at this and kind of glanced at my hair again I assume looking for knots or tangles,lol.

If there are any other female naturals out there who are busy inflicting unnecessary pain on themselves every morning, please read this post!!

There are many myths associated with being natural including “Natural hair is hard to maintain”. This is sooooo not true, I always tell people it is only as hard as you want it to be.

My hair care regime is pretty simple. It is of course different to the hair care regime that I used when I had straight hair because the texture is different, I basically had to re-learn my hair. So the following is what I do:

1. Wash and condition once a week.

Most people do this anyway whether their hair is straight or not, some wash and condition once every two weeks, really depends on how much time you have but you shouldn’t wash more frequently than once a week because constant washing drys it out. I always condition because it softens my hair and also helps restore my hair to a safer PH level (shampoo increases you hairs PH level)

2. Oil it once a week.

When I was a fresh natural I went a bit crazy and put product in every morning when styling which was ridiculous. It left my hair greasy for most of the week and as a result I hated touching it and had to be wary of leaning against windows or chairs lest I leave a gigantic greasy mark #notcute. So I now oil it once a week with shea butter which minimizes the grease effect.

3. Braid it before sleeping at least twice or 3 times a week.

Here is where the work comes in. If you want to avoid combing everyday, braid it at night.Ā  After I wash it on Sundays, I oil it and do either chunky twists or little french braids or 4 big fat cornrows and I sleep with a silk scarf on. In the morning I take out the braids and finger comb it. Style wise I either put a head scarf on or put a funky hair clip in. Now if I twist/braid on a Sunday I wont have to re-braid till Wednesday then again on Friday if I feel the need to. The braiding gives my hair a different texture so its not just a thick puff all the time. I’ve put some pics below however the pics are NOT of my hair (because I’m too lazy to do everything and take photos right now) so I got these from a blog called Silky Chronicles , follow the link if you want to see what she did and what products she used in detail.

This is what you do at night before sleeping
This is what it looks like in the morning when unbraided depending on your hair length

When you unbraid it in the morning there is no need for a comb, your fingers will be satisfactory. Just run your fingers through your hair in an upward motion. The texture lasts for 2/3 days, all you need to do is put a silk scarf on at night then in the morning “wake it up” with your fingers again because it would have flattened while you slept. If you feel the need sprinkle some water or rub in a little hair lotion to help it up. When you think it has lost the texture, simply braid again before you go to sleep.

And that is what I do every week. No sweat. No pain. If I’m really lazy I put on a head band which takes less than 5 minutes.

And voila! No combing needed. As I mentioned earlier the only combing I do is when my hair is wet after washing to get knots and tangles out. Combing your hair when it’s dry induces a lot of breakage because natural hair is so tightly curled, pushing a comb through it stresses it.

I hope this helps those of you who are newly natural. šŸ™‚


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Aashe Kindiano says:

    I have recently started growing my hair. Thanks a lot for the tips. You are the best šŸ˜€

  2. Chuks Christian says:

    Hi i keep a fro but a short one (like the secong picture on your banner but lil bigger) cos am male and i work for a company that frowns on exotic hair styles.
    My hair is stubborn as in after combing, it goes back to it’s tangled and disorganized shape, do you advise me combing my hair wet but with a conditioner? would it make it softer and more obedient so that it doesnt always get disorganized immediately.

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Yes it would help! try that, leave in conditioners also help quite a lot. Try it out and lemme know if it works!

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