Natural does not mean earthy.

So often these days when I meet people whom I haven’t met in a while, they will see my hair ( my fro is only about 4months old) and say something like “Nice it suits you, so you got the whole earthy thing going on?”

Geez-Us. Nothing annoys me more. No I’m not being “earthy”, its just my hair in its natural form, that’s all. I can dress as contemporary as the next chick, skin tight leather pants, tight black top, shiny silver accessories, high heels-not a bead in sight and I’ll still get that earthy crap. I hate it. I’m not being earthy, I’m just being me.

What is this assumption that if your hair is straight, you have a “normal” look but when it’s kinky you are “outside of the box”? Oh the irony, seeing as the kink is the original form and straight is the changed one. Do we not like our kink that bad, that if someone goes natural then they have to be seeking some kind of spiritual enlightenment and one-ness with the universe?

For goodness sake its just hair. It could mean many things eg I’m tired of straightening it, I wanna try something new or I’m restoring its health. I’m not necessarily a rasta if I have locks, I’m not mother earth if I have a fro and I’m not a wannabee whitey if I have straight hair.

For the last time : ITS JUST HAIR. Here today, gone tomorrow.


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  1. Charley says:

    i recommend you watch Good Hair by Chris Rock, i think you would find it very interesting.

    1. Ms Z. says:

      I have actually and yes it was quite interesting, it taught me a lot about what we do to our hair. Funny how I would chemically straighten my hair every 3 months without actually knowing what I’m putting in my hair and why. And I think most women don’t ever think about it till they have a daughter and she starts asking questions as Chris Rocks children did. Very enlightening.

  2. A Lawal says:

    I get the same thing all of the time when I wear my natural hair! I live in London and it will be black folk that have the most to say about my hair, white people at work just say I look lovely. For real “Here today gone tomorrow”. Loving your blog.

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Thank you! Black folk always say the most! Lol!

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