Know your hair.

Here are a few notes about black hair to start with. I will post up videos related to this topic soon.

1.Natural or Straight

Natural black hair has a tight curly/kinky texture. This structure makes it hard for black hair to absorb and keep in moisture which is why it is often dry for most people. That’s why we are often advised to regularly oil, treat and deep-condition our hair.

Straightened black hair is weaker than natural hair because it has been through the straightening process so more care is required especially if you have generally weak/thin hair.

Dryness also contributes to hair breakage so if your hair breaks a lot you might want to consider increasing how often you oil and moisturize it.

2. We are not the same

I used to think that all hair was the same and that if a specific hair care regimen worked for one person then it should work for me, this however is not true. The best tip I found online concerning hair care was “Listen to your hair” and ” Pay attention to products” which I will expand on below. Hair comes in different textures (thick, thin, weak, strong etc) and behaves differently (oily, dry etc). It is up to you to know what hair type you are and therefore what is best for your hair.

3. Listen to your hair

Sounds like some corny zen thing but it is true. I have come to find out what products work well with my hair under what conditions and so forth by simply paying attention to how it behaves. I wash my hair once a week because it gets itchy and sticky after a week not because I was told to.

4. Pay attention to products

This means read up on what has been known to work well with black hair in general (coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, shea butter etc) and look for products that have these ingredients. Most of us buy either what is cheap or what has a fancy name. Some of the cheap products can actually do quite a bit of harm. Most of us also don’t give good products a chance to work. If you are trying a specific face wash you don’t ditch it after a month do you? So once you decide on a good product give it at least 3 months before you ditch it (unless your hair starts falling out or something).

5. Braiding and weaving

Generally when done in moderation braiding can be good for your hair. Sewn in weaves also fall under this category (not glued ones). Braids allow your hair to grow and some types of braiding can protect your hair from the elements. However constant braiding stresses your hair follicles because they are always being pulled and can also wreck havoc with your hair line and cause it to recede. You also have to put as much effort into caring for your hair when it’s braided as you do when it’s not.

I think that’s cool for now. I don’t want to produce an essay,lol.

Don’t hesitate to drop any questions or additions in the comment section! πŸ™‚


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Aashe Kindiano says:

    I am proud of you!!!

    1. Asia says:

      thankyou fat man πŸ™‚

  2. chio says:

    i need to come up here and post up my shampoo and conditioner recipe..took me a while to get it but its amazing. i have to find my file..

    1. Asia says:

      omg please do!!! u can send it to my email and ill put it up as a post if that’s cool?
      send to

  3. Orama says:

    waiting for more on braids and hair care while in ’em, seeing as that is how my hair is for the most part of the year

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Im on it!!! πŸ™‚ post coming to you soon!

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