Hairy Issues…

As I’ve mentioned in my “about soul hair” page the inspiration for this blog comes from the desire I have to know my hair better and hopefully I can help other black females learn more about their hair.

I’ll start with my own hair journey.

As far back as I can remember my mother had been straightening my kink with “Just for me”, “Beautiful beginnings” or “Dark and Lovely”. For the most part I was comfortable with my hair though I had the usual long-hair-don’t-care dreams as we females probably all do. Then in 2004 I joined a beauty pageant where we got our hair styled for free. Well the lady doing my hair decided to cut it and it just never recovered.

So after 4/5 years of fighting with it (it was uneven and not growing well plus due to braiding  my front hair line was very weak) I decided to go natural after seeing my two cousins do so.

I did my Big chop in October 2010 and I think it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I obtained freedom from my hair. At this point I could do anything to it. I feel great when it’s really short and I’ve already dyed it maroon. 🙂

I did get a few side eyes from a couple of people when I did it but overall most were supportive. And as it gets longer I get compliments from both females and males alike. It also helps that I know what to do with it styling wise thanks to numerous videos and tips from those that are already natural.

However this blog shall not be about convincing anyone to go natural, instead I just want to share the hair care tips I’m learning and to share my healthy hair journey (such a corny phrase,lol). And in the process maybe I can help someone.

Hope you shall be a regular reader! 🙂


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